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I am going to use this space to begin archiving a particular class of news events that seem to occur with ever-greater frequency: reports of unusual creatures washing up on beaches, appearing in surface waters, or being found or caught far from their historical ranges. I will reserve for the moment all thoughts on what I intend to do with this information; for now, it will suffice to collect it in one place. I do want to go back through the last couple of years and add in as much as I can, so if you have links to similar articles, please share them in the comments below.

We’ll start here:

5.24.2016 – Blue Lobster off Canada

12.28.2015 – Giant Squid surfaces in Japan

12.22.2015  – Sea snakes in California

11.21.2015 – Blue Dragon in Australia

10.27.2015 – pufferfish in Monterey County

10.16.2015 – Dolphins, Turtles, others in Mexico

8.22.2015 – Fin whales in Alaska

7.27.2015 – Sowerby’s Beaked Whale in Plymouth, MA

7.16.2015 Manatees in Connecticut and Massachusetts (nb: while manatees are known to roam north, reports like these seem to be trending these days)

6.30.2015 – Beaked Whale in Russia


6.2.2015 – Oarfish on Catalina

1.7.2015 – dog snapper near LA
11.7.2014 – whitespot sandsmelt in Taiwan
9.4.2014 – wahoo at Orange County
4.13.2013 – Fin Whale in Seattle

PHOTOS: Body of Fin Whale Washes Up at Seahurst Park Beach Saturday

2013 – 2015 – Dolphin morality events along Atlantic coast

2010 – Present – Unusual cetacean mortality events in Gulf of Mexico